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Joker: Folie à deux

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Rejestracja: 2016-03-06

Ostatnia wizyta: 2024-04-18


Premiera 4 października 2024.

W głównej roli powróci Joaquin Phoenix, towarzyszyć mu będzie Lady Gaga. Wbrew plotkom, insiderzy donoszą że Gaga nie będzie grała Harley Quinn.
Film ma też być bardzo brutalny i nie będzie to "tradycyjny" musical. Zdjęcia zaczynają w grudniu.
Zbiór ostatnich przecieków:
początek spoilera Some details about Joker 2... so the script has been floating around for the last few weeks among industry people and some of the people around me have read it -- here`s what I 100% know is in the script -- Arthur Fleck (Joaquin) escapes prison/asylum and goes on a killing rampage before meeting Lady Gaga`s character (who is NOT Harley Quinn. I don`t know where the media got that from) who is extremely deranged as well... but in her own way. The dynamic between the two is not a straightforward romance. It`s more of a Tom & Jerry type situation. If this script is anything to go by, the film is 50 times more violent than any other mainstream comic-book movie we`ve seen. The body-count is through the roof, and the deaths are extremely gruesome. There`s multiple decapitations, torture scenes, a castration (!!!), bombs going off, and a very CLOCKWORK ORANGE style rape scene, with the victim ending up dead. The "Singing in the Rain" rape scene from A Clockwork Orange is the best way to describe the "musical" aspect of this film. It`s not a "La La Land", "A Star Is Born" type musical at all, and will make all traditional fans of the musical genre walk out of the theatre. It also won`t be the type of music they`re expecting from Lady Gaga at all. I don`t want to spoil the ending for you, but let`s just say there is not much of a possibility for a third Joker movie. This movie will blow people`s minds if it`s shot well. The script is shocking and doesn`t even feel like a big-budget franchise movie. No way this gets a PG13 rating. Let`s hope the studio doesn`t interfere too much. koniec spoilera -