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Lord Bart: Hi Dan, thx for agreeing to answer these few short questions. Let's get started, in our first interview, I asked about very important question for the Mandalorian community on our site - is there (although theoretical) chance of creating a book, like the BoS, about Mando'a? You answered: Hmmmm. Always in motion, is the future. Can I say that the book of bounty hunters in any way exhaust this? Mandalorians and hunters are very close to each other.

Dan Wallace: There's a Death Watch manual in the Bounty Hunter Code that does into a lot of detail about the Mandalorians and their history. The book was written by Jason Fry, if you have any questions about the specific details.

Are there any plans (or loose considerations) in describing other 'professions'? Imho Jedi, Sith and bounty hunters exhausted the subject.

DW: There are loose considerations, but nothing that can be discussed at this point.

Have you had any major problems with the difference between Force-users and non-Force while creating a book? U know, like Han Solo's 'hokey religions and ancient weapons vs. blasters'?

DW: I don't necessarily think so. Force-users have some incredible powers but Star Wars has always done a good job of balancing its various factions. Han Solo can stand up to a Jedi, I think, if he relied on smarts and trickery.

Can you tell our fans something interesting of the writing process? Some zest/flavor?

DW: For each of these projects I just really try to get myself into the mindset of the writer, whether it's Jedi, Sith, or bounty hunter. When I'm writing each one, that faction's POV makes sense to me and it's sometimes hard to see things from anyone else's perspective!

Opening the box is really great. Especially if I can do this my own credit card :P But the only... gadget is a Kamino saberdart. I'm not talking about papers like wanted poster for Han Solo or Boba Fett’s captain's license. But I wonder why only the saberdart? There was no room in case for more? No ideas? Money? :P

DW: I think it's a design consideration. Each removable adds to the price of the finished product. There are a number of paper removables, and the saberdart is a pretty high-quality removable compared to some of the plastic ones that have been offered in the past.

Last question about changes in the Star Wars universe - what do you think about Disney impact on books like BHC or The Essential Characters? There will be more/less? They will disappear just like Lucasarts?

DW: Don't know yet, but am very interested to see what happens. I'm sure it will bring some changes to the EU but new movies will be a really good thing for attracting new fans to the SW universe, so I'm looking forward to it!

Therefore, we look forward too. Thanks for this interview.

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