Workbook: 4th Grade Reading and Writing

Autor: Bridget Heos
Oryginalny tytuł: Workbook: 4th Grade Reading and Writing
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Wydanie USA: Workman, 26 grudnia 2017
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Nota wydawnicza (Workman, 2017)
Learn well, you will-Star Wars Workbooks now bring editorial quality, fun presentation, and rigorous Common Core educational standards to 4th grade. The 4th Grade Reading & Writing book (one title covering all English Language Arts) features Poe Dameron, the popular pilot from „The Force Awakens,“ on the cover.

The force awakens in children when they love learning-and no other workbook series does this quite like STAR WARS WORKBOOKS.

Star Wars Workbook: 4th Grade Reading and Writing helps your youngling master:

reading comprehension (including theme, key ideas, supporting details, point of view, and comparing and contrasting)
writing informational and explanatory text
writing opinion pieces
writing narratives
and more!
Each workbook is aligned with Common Core State Standards and is designed to reinforce core concepts and lessons taught in schools. Each STAR WARS WORKBOOK has also been vetted by the award-winning teachers on the BRAIN QUEST Advisory Board.

Featuring new characters like Finn and Rey, and old favorites like Han Solo and Princess Leia, the workbooks are filled with thousands of original illustrations drawing from all seven STAR WARS movies and the expanded STAR WARS universe. Kids will shoot for the stars, as they set off with their favorite characters on an educational adventure!

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