Star Wars: Myths & Fables

Autor: George Mann
Oryginalny tytuł: Star Wars: Myths & Fables
Wydanie polskie: ---
Wydanie oryginalne: Disney-Lucasfilm Press, 6 sierpnia 2019
Przekład: ---
Ilustracje: Grant Griffin
Ilustracja na okładce: Grant Griffin
Stron: 192
Cena: 17,99 USD

Nota wydawnicza (Disney-Lucasfilm Press, 2019)
In this middle grade novel, hear the thrilling space tales, fables, and myths that are told in a galaxy far, far away. The book features two stories that take place on the remote Outer Rim world of Batuu, plus many other untold tales from the edge of the galaxy, lushly illustrated in a style that pays homage to real-world children’s classics.

A stunning collection of untold fables, myths, and folklore from the edge of the galaxy. Beautifully illustrated, this unique treasury of in-world space tales takes readers to the far reaches of the Star Wars universe…including to the remote outer rim world of Batuu from Galaxy’s Edge.


Tagi: Disney Press / Disney-Lucasfilm Press (140) George Mann (1) Grant Griffin (1)


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