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V-wing Clone Starfighter (common) Type Republic Starfighter
Build Cost 3
50 Speed
3 Power
2 Health
When this unit is discarded from the Space arena, draw a card.

Foil Darth Tyranus (H) (common) Type Dark Jedi Master-Sith Lord
Build Cost 7
40 Speed
5 Power
5 Health
Pay 4 Force Deflect 2 (Prevent 2 damage to Tyranus, and Tyranus may do that much damage to a unit of your choice in the Character arena.)

Super Battle Droid 7EX (Rare) Type Trade Federation Droid
Build Cost 5
30 Speed
5 Power
4 Health
When this unit is discarded from the Character arena, draw 2 cards.
Critical Hit 2

Droid Tri-Fighter (common) Type Trade Federation Droid Starfighter
Build Cost 3
Speed 70
2 Power
2 Health
Critical Hit 1


Anakin Skywalker (Character-Jedi Knight) Rare
Build Cost 6
Speed 60
Power *
Health 5
Upkeep: Put the top 3 cards from your deck into your discard pile.
At the start of the dark side build step, if there are more than 10 cards in your discard pile, your opponent gains control of Anakin.
Anakin's power is equal to the number of cards in your discard pile.
Pay 3 Force Evade 2

Kashyyyk System Location-Space
Build cost 1
Each of your Space units that do not already have Retaliate gets "Pay 1 Force Retaliate 3"

Thread the Needle Neutral Battle Card
Pay 3 Force Prevent all damage to one of your Space units.

Tagi: SW TCG (74) Wizards of the Coast (60)


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